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ECPC Mission & Objectives

Everett Crowley Park Committee's Mission is:

"To encourage stewardship of Everett Crowley Park as an urban wilderness."

Everett Crowley Park Committee's mission builds on the Vancouver Park Board's interest to have Everett Crowley Park designated as a nature park in this densely-populated southeast corner of the city.

In 1997, the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation unanimously passed the following motion:

"That this Park Board re-commit itself to the maintenance and preservation of the naturalness of Everett Crowley Park and any steps to enhance its naturalness."

To further the ECPC's mission, five additional objectives were developed during a public workshop in October 1996. These objectives were revisited by the ECPC along with other community members again in 2002, and were officially readopted:

  1. Park Maintenance – Manage the park so as to serve its human users while restoring natural habitat.
  2. Recreation – Support low-impact recreational activities which are appropriate for a natural park setting.
  3. Nature Education/Appreciation – Assist people to understand the natural processes behind the park's regeneration, and to appreciate and support the possibilities for improved ecological integrity.
  4. Habitat Rehabilitation – Improve the habitat of the park so that it supports a healthier mix of plants and animals.
  5. Larger Ecological Context: Act with reference to local, regional, national, and international environmental challenges and projects.

What does ECPC do?

To accomplish our objectives, Everett Crowley Park Committee:

  • Develops and implements advocacy, education and improvement projects;
  • Liaises with the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation on policy and management issues; and
  • Gets our hands dirty working in the park whenever possible.

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